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So...is Nolan Ryan the GOAT pitcher?

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This is in a similar vein to people calling Tom Brady the GOAT when it comes to QBs.

But is Nolan the greatest pitcher of all time?

He holds 51 MLB records, including, of course, 5,714 strikeouts (Randy Johnson is second at 4,875) and 7 no-hitters (Sandy Koufax is second with 4).

Granted, his only World Series came when he was with the Mets (where he got a save in Game 3), in 1969.

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On 2/9/2023 at 6:21 PM, Wild74 said:

If he played for teams with any run support and when a say run support I mean give the man more than 2 runs and he will most likely win I say he was the best

I want to say it was his 7th no-hitter. There's a story that Tom House tells about Nolan where he watched Nolan warm up in the bullpen, and Nolan didn't look good at all. To the point where Tom House told Bobby Valentine "You might have to get someone up early, because Nolan doesn't have it today."

And Nolan being Nolan, he gets through the first inning, gets into the dugout, sits down, and says "Boys, just get me 1 today. It's all I'm going to need."

And he went on to pitch a no-hitter.

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8 hours ago, RETIREDFAN1 said:


In the book "Throwing Heat", an umpire talks about how hard it was to actually see some of Nolan's pitches. One recounts a story where he says he went by sound. "Boom", sounds like the outside corner. "Boom", sounds like strike two. "Boom", sounds like you're out.

Something along those lines.

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