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2 hours ago, Monte1076 said:

Then I have a bridge to sell you.

Just because you don't think they're inane or idiotic, doesn't mean that they aren't.

 Barry doesn't need a bridge, can't for the life of me think why you'd think he'd buy your bridge, when I have some oceanfront property in Arizona......:rofl:

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20 minutes ago, EnjoyLife said:

Right now I would say that Trump or DeSantis beats Biden.

Dems probably need to move on from Joe if they can find a viable candidate.

With that said...it is still a long time until the election.

Democrats will keep running out mentally challenged candidates like Biden and Fetterman who beat people much more popular than them.  In about 6 more years it might finally cross your mind what is actually going on.  Until then.....we patiently wait.  

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On 5/25/2023 at 8:29 AM, RETIREDFAN1 said:


I predict the polls will falsely be close on both sides of the primaries. Two blowout wins in the primaries equal low rating for the news channels.  That goes against their profit interest.  

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