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Are the sports we love slowly dying?

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For me, it's football and baseball.

Apparently, there are fewer and fewer people playing football every year. And baseball is at the point where they're instituting a "pitch clock" and trying out other gimmicky things to get fans more interested in the game (and to apparently draw new interest).

I mean, maybe I'm just "old" at almost 47, but there are those in the "younger" generation who think a 1-0 baseball game is "boring". Now, don't get me wrong, a 1-0 baseball gameĀ can indeed be boring. But ask yourself how many 1-0 baseball games you've watched were compelling. It's all about offense and "pace of play" now. And I think that's causing the slow death of baseball. MLB doesn't know what fans want, and apparently a lot of fans don't either.

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