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Lori Lightfoot Gets Humiliated by Journalist Who Tells Her to “Get the Hell Out” of Chicago

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Interesting...she just did exactly what dumbocrats do best...try their best to limit/control free speech. Exactly the same thing Pedo Joe and the democratic party did before the 2020 elections. 


William J. Kelly, an Emmy award-winning TV host, radio and print journalist, delivered a scathing statement to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot during a recent city council meeting. Kelly accused Lightfoot of revoking his media credentials for asking “obvious questions” about crime in the city, and called for the media credential process to be taken away from the mayor and police superintendent and put in the hands of the Constitution.

“On a weekly basis I was going viral asking you obvious questions and instead of answering them you told me that crime was down, my videos went viral, millions of views, comments, likes and shares and it was hurting your re-election campaign so you revoked my media credential. That should never happen in a free country,” Kelly said.

I hope that after today’s city council meeting, you will pack your suitcase and get the hell out of my city. You are a pandemic. You are a pandemic.


WATCH: Lori Lightfoot Gets Humiliated by Journalist Who Tells Her to "Get the Hell Out" of Chicago (trendingpoliticsnews.com)

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