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UPDATE: Hughes Springs hires Joshua Willis


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On 12/14/2022 at 10:07 PM, thefirsttimer said:

Draft king has odds on Ed being a tiger, bear, lion, rabbit, hornet, bulldog, pirate , brahma, and leopard. Wherever he ends up is getting a winner.


Pretty sure he will have several offers to pick from. 

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I made it into town with that ol shine today. Visited with quite a few folks. Lots of loose lips tonight. I hear there will be some new school board candidate filings next month I think they said. Some pretty popular and prominent names. I don't know much about how that stuff works, but I do know a bunch of people here ain't happy about this. Or the way it was done. They want new leadership. Board is the first step in that process. 


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The board members were/are supposed to tell the people who voted for them, no comment or can't confirm or whatever. But some didn't. And all weren't for this. And really didn't like the reason for it. So they talked. So now there are screen shots of texts and all that jazz floating around. And apparently, all this is over a Jr high kid who's parent felt he was not treated properly. If all parents had this kind of power, there wouldn't be a coaching shortage.




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