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I’ll post videos for us later but…..

QB- Cashas Pollard

RB- Lennon Creer

WR- Denarius Moore

Had another back with this group that went to U of H. 

Pollard was like 41-3 all time as a QB. Creer played for University of Tennessee. Moore played in the NFL some. 

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We don’t run a lot of wideout sets and we rarely throw the ball. Our “triplets” tend to all line up in the backfield. It could also be said that our offense works best when we have quadruplets, or a really athletic quarterback to go with the three RBs. The 2022 group of QB Gauge Jordan, FB Andre Brown, HB Jericho Newman and TB Malik Stotts was rock solid. The 2019 combo of QB Chandler Pritchett (he wasn’t really athletic but a 215 # QB riding a 290# center is tough to stop in short yardage), HB Connor Bragg, TB Gunner Nelson and FB Boogie Lane was also impressive. The best overall group was probably in 2017 when we had QB Trey Wilkerson, TB Bragg, HB Hunter Gates and FB Kase Yates. 

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