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UPDATE: Price-Carlisle hires Connor Sharp


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16 minutes ago, RipperRipper said:

2 more wake ups before we know. I gotta pretty good idea who's gonna come out on top. 

Gonna be a new day in Price-Carlisle. 

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5 hours ago, GoodOleBoy73 said:

If what I'm hearing is true...Carlisle won't miss a beat. Should be good times ahead!

If it is the same one, he will do a fantastic job. Gets the most out of the kids and has really over achieved wherever he has been. The Injuns will love him.

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14 minutes ago, HulaKat said:

Well, do we know anything yet officially?

Well, Chain's scared because folks at the cafe are talking about his Smoaky posts, we need a live rooster to take the curse off Stepp's DMs, everyone keeps making cryptic remarks using the word "day," and nobody seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy for their wedding present...

So we're dealing with a lot of stuff. 

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  • RETIREDFAN1 changed the title to UPDATE: Price-Carlisle hires Connor Sharp

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