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Needville in LL World Series

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Needville loads the bases on mishandled infield grounder, a hit, and a walk.....then the inning ends with an out at the plate on a pass ball that hits off the backstop and returns right back to the catcher.  He fields it quickly and runs to the plate to block the runner from scoring.  Still tied with no score going to the bottom of the 3rd.  Needville looks like they will be a tough team today.

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A pitcher is limited to 85 pitches in Little League.  So far, Jablonski has 7 pitches left for Needville.  He will try to get at least one out here.  UH-OH.....he had 2 strikes and hit the batter.  No outs and runner on first.  His first mistake today on the mound.  It may have hit the knob of the bat.....under review.

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On 8/16/2023 at 8:00 PM, regaleagle said:

And Needville gets the final out after a walk and pass ball.  Needville advances to the winners bracket.....a good game overall and good showing by Pennsylvania.

Needville  2

Pennsylvania  1


A friend of mine that played Softball at ETBU has her son on this team.

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