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Carthage @ Kilgore 8/25


Carthage vs. Kilgore  

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  1. 1. Who gets the win?

    • Carthage
    • Kilgore

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Good game…….Kilgore got after it - QB is a good 4A dual threat.  Should have a chance to win district.  
Carthage had some real good signs and several youngsters that showed they are young.  A few returning starters are 15-25 lbs bigger than last year and looked they got used to the extra weight the more they played(shows they are in shape). 

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45 minutes ago, rider78 said:

I thought Carthage had the best defense in the state in AAAA D2. At least that is what cowboyandchrist said.

Did you watch the fourth quarter. 
Kilgore is a very good team and will be contender in 4A DI. 
The Dawg D will be seeing Center soon enough. Excited to see how that turns out. 

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14 minutes ago, JBizzle said:

It may not be the best, but we know it's gonna be better than Center's defense.

If they are all healthy, the top 3 backs might all get 150 yards rushing against Center…….Tatum has scored 9 TDS tonight so far. 

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1 minute ago, Lion7000 said:

We have no business playing them. Also Cc has them beating Bama and you think I am getting carried away lol.

No business playing carthage??  A smaller school 25 miles away.  That statement is unbelievable!!

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3 minutes ago, JBizzle said:

Don't get the big head because the Lions have a 1 game winning streak.

Henderson has nothing to do with this. You are more realistic. Cc is the one that is delusional. Both of these teams will be fine. Carthage needs a quality opponent cause they may get a game against Center and that is it. Lucky for y’all a good defense usually shuts down a good offense.

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13 hours ago, house said:

Little B usually shies away from the run game early.  Tries to get that pass game going and stay away from injuries.  We shall see.  

Larry Allen had the one soph at 23 carries(He said 22 and then I know he had at least one more carry)…….the other soph had the long TD run and a short one……..the senior had several carries before the injury……..if it wasn’t 35 runs and catches, it was close. 

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