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Dawgs versus Bullard


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1 hour ago, bossman1 said:

I could have missed the pain

But I’d have had to miss the dance….

Indeed!  Ya know I finally started teaching myself the acoustic maybe 8-9 years ago.  Got addicted to it.  Now I play that song at my gigs from time to time.  Out of nowhere started writing my own stuff few years back.  Now I can't turn it off.  Glad to see there's still some of us around.  We've lost some good ones.

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20 minutes ago, elevenDEEP said:

@Golfingnut are you using your heart or your logic tonight?? whats your pick??

What's interesting is why anyone would actually care who I pick. Covering football for the many years as I have means I've made a lot of friends that are associated with a lot of different schools.  I'm a loyal and supportive person. I have a lot of respect for a lot of coaches and players so I always want them to do well. Carthage is a well respected program with great kids and coaches. I don't care much for the trash talking that enters many threads on this site.  I just love great football and seeing all these young men and coaches succeed. I'm to old to care about anything else. Good luck to both teams tonight. 

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6 hours ago, elevenDEEP said:

Yeah, i can assure you I'm up on all things Dawgs... I was a Dawg before I was a man! I was telling the person the last time we lost was in 16 to Kilgore.

That was the last regular-season loss. Have lost to Liberty Hill and China Spring in the playoffs since then.

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