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38 minutes ago, PantherNation2015 said:

So you’re saying the Gunter Coach made the mistake on the schedule?  And Johnny communicated before the season started that GW would only play varsity in 2023?  Just want to make sure I get the story right?

IDK what Jonny communicated or what the Gunter coach did or did not understand -- what I know is that the JV/junior high schedule didn't have Gunter on it when it was posted to the school's website back in the summer.  

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I started this thread....Didn"t mean it to become such a big deal.  Tried to delete thread ( found no avenue ).  Just didnt understand how a home game on jh schedule got moved to dallas.  I know now.  Gladewater changed games a long time ago.  I dont think that was communicated (maybe i'm wrong).  All the games were played last year, and it is a 2 year contract.  As far as trying to get out of varsity game, I know nothing about that and it is just conjecture,

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