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Carlisle vs Cushing Friday in Cushing


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Well let's get this one going, I'm done with the refs talk and moving on.l actually loved what i saw after our two best defenders got out of timeout last week,held tenaha to zero offensive points in second half and scored 23 and was fighting til last whistle.. The kiddos didn't lay down, and that's a good thing 🤷

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You are correct. Carlisle has been playing some pretty good teams, some are even state ranked in 3a. I'm assuming the green machine will have 11 good players on the field as starters, but not sure they will have the depth and bench the Indians have been going against week after week. Playing stiff competition and athleticism can sure help prepare a team for district play in a 2a setting. I think the game between those two will be very competitive and fun to watch either way it goes.

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