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⚾ Astros 2023-2024 Off-season Thread ⚾

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First order of business....Fire Dusty and hire another analytics guy like Hitch.....get some bullpen Lefty's......fire the pitching coach and go rehire Brent Strom......Keep Pettis at 3B......sign Gurriel from the Diamondbacks if he's a free agent.....Get rid of Maldy.......

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My moves

1).  Thanks Dusty.   Bye

2).  Start the soon to be All Star catcher on your bench 

3)  Extend Tucker

4) Tell Chaz he is your starting CF

5) Stop the fools gold relationship with France, Singleton, Myers, and Stanyk

6) Get a bonafide #1 SP.   it is no longer Verlander and certainly not Framber 

7) Love you Uncle Mike. But we don’t need a 15 game a year player 

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I would have liked to have seen Dusty go out on top.....should have retired last year. 

Maldonado needs to move to the bench as a coach.....he does great work with the Pitchers and would be a valueable asset there.....Reminds me of Crash Davis....:rofl:

Plenty of Starters out there to sign, need to get another Lefty Starter, and get some talent in the minors.....send Singleton somewhere he is needed and get some younger pitchers for minor leagues. 

Verlander has 1 more year, could help Hunter Brown in the future, I know they had some pitching injuries this year, so hopefully they can get back into their 6 man rotation like they did last year when the won it all. 

Brantley is probably gone.......giving an opportunity to younger outfielders......Someone needs to get into Tucker's mind and clear out the terrible postseason for him. 

Infield is pretty solid, if Jose will start hitting like he did at end of year, it will be fine.....

Ready for 8 in a Row to the ALCS......

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Need to sign Altuve and Bregman to long terms..... promote Espada to manager......sign Gurriel from Arizona (i heard he is a free agent).....sign some lefty pitchers.....basically make some better moves this offseason than last...

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I do truly and 100% believe if Bagwell has as much influence as has been suggested in reporting we are in real trouble     They seem to be cutting the GMs power.  I pray Crane is not going to become a Jerry Jones wannabe

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