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Carthage vs Liberty Eylau Thursday in Pinetree @ 7p


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9 minutes ago, KrookedWolfe said:

If you don't know who they'll play how can you accurately say the game will be in Mt Pleasant? I've heard Daingerfield vs Hooks will be in Mt Pleasant. We'll see 👀 

It is called planning ahead….lol……Coach Surratt said in an interview, that can be watched on KGAS, that Carthage, L-E, W Point, and Van A all agreed on Mt. Pleasant and already had the stadium reserved earlier this week. 

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10 hours ago, BevBrownJr said:

CHS used 8 different RBs against L-E. I don’t think I’ve seen that many RBs get carries for one team in a high school game since John Tyler many years ago.

And one soph on defense that doesn’t play any offense might possibly become a college RB……not a speed burner yet, and not 6’2 and 210 lbs yet, but to me projects to get there.  

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