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35 minutes ago, Sportsjunkiee said:

Have any coaches come out of retirement and been as successful or more successful in their 2nd go around?  I can't think of any off hand

Not that I can think of. 

Of course there is a lot of “timing” in having success in these small communities. If you are there when they have talent you look like a genius and if you are there when they are down you look like an idiot. 

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1 minute ago, trueblue82 said:

Yall got the hardest working coach in the business. 

He will have his work cut out for him, I believe we lost a good one in Greg but got a good one in Wade

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Just now, Wild74 said:

I don't know him but I know he had good success at Joaquin

He was a name floated in the EF search few years back.  I couldn’t find anyone to say anything bad about the man when I was researching him. 

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5 minutes ago, DeKlabBeers said:

Well, they had all of those players from Louisiana when they won state... so I just assumed.

LOL we didn't have a single player from Louisiana when we won both state championships

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