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Round 3 Daingerfield Vs West Rusk @Hallsville


Dangerfield vs. West Rusk   

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I really hope that the kids from Daingerfield don’t get in here and read this because it would give them the big head. WE all as Tiger fans need to tell them that this is one game at a time and to focus on that game. I know that they read what people say on here and other social media platforms. It showed last week. They need to look at this game the same way as they viewed the Hooks game. Believe me when I say that Hooks isn’t the only team or city that has bad mouthed Daingerfield! They just said it out loud and with their chest poked out. Other cities in surrounding areas and in West, North, and South Texas, that know of Daingerfield, have said the same thing. NO team is complimenting them! They’re all talking bad about them and hoping to knock them out! So Tiger fans let the kids know not to think that this is an easy game! A scary dog will even bite you. Best believe that this team WR is going to come out fighting and if the Tigers take them lightly, they could get upset. If y’all are 📖 this, stay focused and take it one game at a time! This is by no means a easy game or a game to take lightly! I’m out. 

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1 hour ago, Wile E. said:

Daingerfield will sleep walk through this game and then get redemption against Harmony in the regional championship. No way the Tigers will even take the Raiders seriously. And with all the injuries to the Raiders it’s even worse!!!

When you do that, you get beat.  Tigers will come out rolling.

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10 hours ago, 2017Patriot said:

No, no, no..Hampton is needed elsewhere


5 hours ago, KrookedWolfe said:

This statement shows your knowledge of Tiger football. The players are positioned where they need to be. 


2 hours ago, MuleSlicks said:

Wrong.   Hampton is were he needs to be.

I think it’s a disservice to the kids athleticism that all you guys think he can do is run a vertical route or catch a tunnel screen. 

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