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KC hostess Eagles two Kelces'

Who ya got?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Eagles, dat boy guuuuuuuuuddd
    • KC old Mahomes and Travis is too much
    • Don't care just wanna watch Taylor Swift in the box
    • Who cares?
    • This could be a pre-Suprebowl test-run matchup.
    • Ban Doomy boy ain't right

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2 hours ago, KirtFalcon said:

Eagles say next time Jerruh opens the roof on Cowgurlz stadium they gonna fly over and take a :poop: on the star ....

Old Hurtz gon take a dump every time Micah hits him and he slides away from the star. I don't figure he's gonna cross it towards the Eglaes redzone. Truestorie 

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Ok like so far this game is backnforth like a Rocky film. Thwarted opening drive to thwarted opening drive,  score for score,  sack 4 sack, interception to interception...........7-7 mid 2nd Qtr. Well Mahomes found Kelce up  and KC adds FG just B4 halftime so it's 17-7 @ Halftime. 

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