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Newton is looking for a Week 2


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1 hour ago, iRockNewbzz said:

@KrookedWolfe @EastTxFinest @dfield68,83,85,08,09,10 Y'all thinking what I'm thinking? 👀🙃🙏

I think it's a double edge sword. It's good in a way because it's solid competition before district and playoffs start, but bad because we could meet them in the playoffs and it will be no surprise what we throw at them. We can't allow time for preparation. 

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11 hours ago, DeBerryJacket said:

They should call Calvary Baptist in Shreveport, LA. They would travel to play. They have trouble finding teams that want to play them. Would be a good game. 

I'm sure Timpson will have some trouble filling out their schedule. They should call them too.

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