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STATE FINAL 4AD2 - Gilmer vs Bellville


Gilmer vs Bellville  

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2 minutes ago, dfwfootballfan said:

Eh, it's what they do, they've stayed in it within a score thus far. The big plays have hurt both sides really...the INT was critical, otherwise it's a 1 point game.

I'm just happy to see a competitive game.

I know it’s what they do.  If I was them, I would do it too.  I just don’t think it will be enough if they get down by 15.

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1 minute ago, dfwfootballfan said:

Unfortunately we aren't calling the game, just enjoying it. A single safety isn't the answer, gap integrity is, they miss tackles too, especially open field tackles.

Agree totally. If you’re living by the single safety, they are already gashing you too much.  Read and react and do your job.  Don’t get caught up watching the mesh.  Hit your gap no matter what.  

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2 minutes ago, CreateMyAccount said:

It is always interesting seeing teams that didn't win their district competing at state. The ones off the top of my head this year are Gilmer (2nd) and CH (3rd). 

100% agree


Its so cool to see those good but not great teams slowly evolve into greatness when its all on the line 

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