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STATE FINAL 4AD2 - Gilmer vs Bellville


Gilmer vs Bellville  

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1 hour ago, SHillBuckeye said:

That 2 point conversion was stopped by Gilmer’s front four consisting of 3 Sophomores and a Freshman! 👀

Promising future for those guys… Bellville O line was also mostly sophomores as well. I think next year 4A D2 is gonna be really tough. Especially with China Spring moving back down and the addition of Brock and Lorena 

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2 hours ago, cowboyandchrist said:

I read where La Vega also moving down. 

Yes them to… I forgot. Can’t wait to see what realignment brings us as far as districts go… It’s weird that Bellville is Region 3 in football… but region 4 in every other sport

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Thanks for the great pictures from the game. Fantastic job!!

Haven't had time to post but briefly on Saturday, but I need to say this:

I have never been happier to be so WRONG and to have to EAT CROW however the Gilmer coaches want to serve it to me. I've been hard on them and the defense all season long, with good reason I think, but the performance they put on in the game on Friday was Spectacular.

The game plan/scheme for all the games after the Sunnyvale debacle was right on point and the Coaches and Players really came through and executed.

Still can't believe that we were able to win State with this defense. Everyone knew that the offense was Fantastic and one of the best offenses we have ever fielded, but that defense just wasn't there. The coaches realized this and worked and rearranged the defense and the kids playing on defense and eventually came up with a defense that was able to win a State Championship.

Beating Carthage in Tyler was so sweet, but it would not have mattered if we had not won it all, and by God, that is exactly what the Gilmer coaches and players pulled off.

With my hat in my hand, I say, Congratulations to the Gilmer coaching staff and all the kids who contributed to this great Championship. Y`all really amazed me on Friday.

Now let's really make it a special run and repeat as State Champs in Track next year!

Can't wait for realignment to come out and see what region and district everyone ends up in. A lot of great teams moved into 4A DII, so it's going to be tough sledding next year in the playoffs. And I wouldn't put it past the UIL to put Gilmer and Carthage in the same district, just because.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....been a lot of good that happened this year and some absolute tragedies that occurred......Here's to 2024 and a fresh start!

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