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UIL State Football Championships at AT&T Stadium


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17 minutes ago, blackngoldtiger said:

I plan on being there on Thursday all day as long as I feel better by Thursday morning. First time in a long time I may not make it. Plus, Koff is playing so it'll make it even better this year! 

You better go get that steroid shot and z pack first thing in the morning!

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6 minutes ago, Doomer said:

Me too. Packing up now then feed my dog n chickens.

Got to check and close my hog traps kiss my wife and dog, re place a broke winshield wipur, air up the tars and I'm off ....

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yo mama
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I am going Friday and Saturday. Look forward to all year. Especially fun win you don’t have a team emotionally invested in . I hope for great games. I believe 2013 or 2014 I saw 6 out of 7 games in dramatic fashion. Hail Mary, OT, comeback, blowout, shootout, and controversial last sec play which resulted in a championship.  

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I will be there Thursday through Saturday. 

I actually cut a business trip short to Tucson, Arizona to be back in time for Thursday’s games.

I typically fly in and out of Shreveport airport but elected to fly in and out of DFW for this trip so I can just stay in Dallas upon my arrival.

I am on the flight now from Tucson.

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