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Dang. What we do now?


What do you do when H.S. football's over?  

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  1. 1. What will ya do now?

    • Move on its basketball season
    • I'm a golfer don't need no real sport
    • Ballet boy
    • Baseball
    • Cricketeer
    • Nascar
    • Gonna make kids need offspring
    • Whatever momma tells me to do
    • Got public service hours to fulfill

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To do list for the next 7 months:

1.  Spend the next month basking in glory of Gilmer state championship

2.  Watch college football playoffs and NFL playoffs while thinking about Gilmer's state championship

3.  Rewatch all of the Gilmer games of 2023 and try to find the Gilmer-Bellville game without having to dish out any money to Bally's

4.  Pull up great Gilmer victories from past seasons on youtube.

5.  Start going to Gilmer Track Meets (could see a state championship repeat from last year?)

6.  Start watching Gilmer 7 on 7.

7.  Get ready for Gilmer 2 a days.

I think I can make it thanks to William Greene :)   He's got about 15 years of Gilmer football games on Youtube.

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What’s next for me:

Reading countless questions coming up from coaches trying to figure out the inside scoop for jobs opening on here. 

Watching Pitt fans talk about how explosive their offense is going to be. 

Going to wait for corrigancamden09 to post a link to a Facebook video he posted and lay his 2 cents out about how the Dogs are going to do. 

See the doom, gloom, and false sense of security for new districts. 

Patiently await the UIL to give their ruling on Lovelady. 

See where Daniel Swaim finally decides to land. 

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