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Why do most Personal Injury attorneys have weird gimmicks?


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I guess they're effective...

But if any of you are familiar with them...here were I live in the DFW area, there's Jim Adler "The Texas Hammer" who basically yells and has a sledgehammer. And his son Bill Adler is basically the same way. "Rawr! I have a sledgehammer!! Call me! I'll scare them into giving you money with my sledgehammer and yelling!"

Then there's Ben Abbott (I don't think he's related to Greg, but I don't know). Basically, his thing now seems to be that he has attractive women as "spokespeople" who are either dancing, dressed as cheerleaders, or dressed as attractive businesswomen.

Then there's some dude who uses an actual (I think) lion in his commercials. Ryan (Or Bryan, I forget) "The Lion".

To contrast that, there's Thomas J. Henry. Those commercials are basically him doing various different things (getting into a fancy car or private jet, talking to a "client", etc.) with dollar amounts that he's won for people, and accolades on the screen.

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