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Greg Abbott is pushing Texas to the brink


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6 minutes ago, DannyZuco said:

While I think that the baday is a great thing, I would love to have something that does the "drying/wiping" afterwards.........:rofl:


Apparently one of the first uses for the bidet was birth control...

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19 hours ago, BarryLaverty said:

JBitter, I don't want the TEXAS government to inhumanely overstep the federal government's role in approaching immigration, muddying the waters and not only endangering those trying to come across but our people, as well. 'Operation Lone Star' is a failure, on all levels. 

The federal government is not following their own laws, which is common practice these days.  They continue to violate laws on the books on a whim.  If you don't like the law, then change it, but until such time the current immigration laws are the law of the land.  There is a way to apply for asylum in the United States.  Making a trek to the border to enter is not it.  Opening our border to anyone who comes to it claiming "asylum" is not it.  You know this.  It's a humanitarian crisis caused by the current way of doing things.  We are inviting this human trafficking fiasco by giving them a place to go.

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