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2024-2026 District 7-3A Division 1


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17 minutes ago, blackngoldtiger said:

We taking the 4th seed to play district 8's #1 seed and going from there 👀 Gotta take it easy on us, since we been in a weaker district for so many years 😆

If there is a consensus in our district.....its to try to get any seed besides the 4 seed......the 5 or 6 seed is more appealing.

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8 minutes ago, blesseddaily said:

Definitely! Congratulations on your son's choice to play at the next level!! That is so exciting!! So much fun to go to the games!! 

Do you know something I don’t? When did i get a son?

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I know it was a blow losing Watkins but I cant wait to see Koff continue success and also see what Watkins can do at Kerens as a HFC since his last stint was at Bruceville Eddy with very little resources and talent.

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