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Price Carlisle

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7 hours ago, DeKlabBeers said:

Isn't Tioga going to shut down??? 

No, had some serious financial mismanagement a few years ago. New Administration getting things back on course from what I gather.

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On 4/2/2024 at 2:41 PM, DeKlabBeers said:

They have to take loans to make payroll... last I heard.

Geez no bueno.. somebody should be charged with mismanagement of funds. That's crazy.  Its not hard to figure out a budget  and what expenditures  you can have and can't have. You have enrolment. Then, just knowing kids, a just that to 92% per campus then get the estimated WADA and ADA to figure out how much money you could have . There's a budget you can start with. If your in the red there then figure out what you need to or can cut. Class sizes may be bigger, you may not have that extra AP or upper admin but with time you can get there. There is literally a budgeting and estimation course taught to be a  principal and/or superintendent. I have taken them. 

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