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2A and 3A playing in 4A soccer

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There are 253 boys teams and about 250 girls teams playing soccer in 4A. If there is no 7A next realignment they should split 4A soccer. If UIL is all about the kids then this would be the best things for a lot of schools. The numbers would be different of course from football but the disparity would be lessened to the smaller schools forced to play these bigger teams. Split the 253 teams into 127 big schools and 126 small schools. this would give 16 districts averaging 7.875 teams. meaning mostly 8 team districts with a few 7 team ones thrown in. I know a lot of coaches who would travel further to be more competitive.  I haven't looked at tennis yet but the same could probably be said about that sport too. 

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On 4/5/2024 at 11:38 AM, Valhalla said:

Or just don't play soccer if you are a small school.

That's a dumb reason to not play a sport. So, lets do this in football and see how it works out........yea not gonna happen because it would be called foul that they are playing schools with 3 to 4 times their enrolment, sometimes more.  I see why there is no 3A soccer yet. Because not enough schools. But if their Idea was considered I'm sure more schools would play. I think the idea of them having to play larger schools while trying to develop players is too big of a task. So these school don't want to be embarrassed. I have talked to several coaches at schools that kids want soccer but because of this fact don't play. A split in 4a Soccer would increase small school numbers leading to the formation of 3A soccer faster. 

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