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3 minutes ago, KirtFalcon said:

I have a few pics of me posing during the gulf war ... lol 😆 

It was frowned upon to pose for pics with visible weapons or pose with enemy casualties .... while traveling, we came upon a lot of burned out buildings and vehicles with a lot of dead and charred Iraqi soldiers  ... No Pictures Allowed ... still some people took them anyway ....

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⚓️October 31, 1967⚓

A UH-1D evac bird comes in for a landing on an armored troop carrier (Tango boat) in the My Tho River. These boats came in a few variations. This ATC has a helipad mounted above its well deck; others had canvas coverings, and some even had high-pressure water nozzles to wash away mud bunkers along the banks. These boats were one of many types used by the Mobile Riverine Force. The Tango Boat was primarily used to insert US Army or ARVN troops in the Mekong Delta for search and destroy missions and other interdiction-type work.
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