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26 minutes ago, MeanGreenDogs64 said:

If Dallas doesn't draft an OL in the 1st rd, I'm going to make the 10 min drive to the star and boo Jerry.

Depends on how the first rounds falls. There are some really good OL in this draft. 

Suamataia - BYU

Patrick Paul - Houston

Jordan Morgan - Arizona 

Rosegarten - Washington


Those guys are all projected 2nd-3rd round. I believe they're all fairly close in talent, with very little drop off between them and the first round guys who 'could' be there for Dallas, Mims and/or Guyton. So if you can get one in the second round with a fairly equal talent level, then why not go best player available in the first round?


I have always believed round 1 of the NFL draft should be best player available. Draft positions of need after. 

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4 hours ago, RETIREDFAN1 said:

Dallas draft room....


That's funny, but you have to give the Dallas scouting department props for their evaluations over the last decade. Your Texans just reached that level last year. Lets see if they can continue it this year.

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5 minutes ago, EnjoyLife said:

I just hope Jerry does not take any "projects". Cowboys need a couple of immediate starters and some guys that can provide quality depth.

Tyler Guyton seems to be the consensus pick by the mocks.


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