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On 6/6/2024 at 5:57 PM, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Yeah, watching the video and seeing the stills makes me believe the tag wasn’t made. It’s still possible the tag was made and the ump just couldn’t see it but still a great season for your boys. 

Very tough call that could have gone either way.   There should definitely be replay in all state tourney games.   It’s just simple technology.    Football uses it of course.    

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11 hours ago, PantherNation2015 said:

I’d also add the SH and Calallen both had young teams this year as well.  SH will need to develop a couple pitchers in the off-season, but they have some talented players in the 9th & 10th grade classes.  I could see a scenario with all three of these teams back in 2025 - LE, Calallen & SH.

Both of the Calallen lefties are underclassmen.     They will be strong next year.   

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1 minute ago, blueflu said:

the two bunts they put down against gunter were a show of what a well coached baseball team can do.  I tip my cap.

I’m really impressed by you knowledge f the game.  Let me tip my hat to you

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On 6/6/2024 at 8:01 AM, PantherNation2015 said:

Here is the play at the plate in question.  I’m not posting this for any other reason than to show everyone who didn’t see it how the play unfolded.  Even though it was pivotal in the bottom of the 6th, this play was not the only reason SH lost.  Calallen just made more plays than SH when it counted.

Can’t tell anything from that angle 

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