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Polls Show Mixed Views on Politics


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Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005 3:05 p.m. EST


Recent polling data by the Cook Political Report from the National Journal shows that Americans are not enamored with calls by Democrats for the withdrawal of U.S. military troops from Iraq.


Further, a separate Harris Poll shows Americans are less supportive of congressional Democrats than they are of President Bush or congressional Republicans.


# 68 percent of respondents in the Cook poll said Democratic criticisms of Bush’s policies in Iraq hurt troop morale. Only 14 percent said it helps.


# 52 percent said Democratic criticism was an attempt to gain political advantage rather than to help US efforts in Iraq. 30 percent thought the criticism would help.


# 50 percent thought the US should withdraw troops as Iraq meets its goals. 29 percent said they should be withdrawn according to a publicly available timetable for withdrawal. Only 15 percent advocated an immediate withdrawal regardless of impact.


The poll numbers suggest that the Bush administration’s effort to re-engage the debate over pre-war intelligence and the general direction of the war in Iraq is working to the president’s advantage.


The most recent Harris poll shows that, while Americans still give negative ratings to the president and congressional Republicans, they give even worse ratings to congressional Democrats. :w00t:


In the poll conducted from November 8 to November 13, 34 percent of respondents gave the president a positive job approval rating. 65 percent gave a negative rating.


# 27 percent gave a positive rating to Republicans in Congress. 69 percent gave a negative rating.


# 25 percent gave a positive rating to Democrats in Congress. 70 percent gave a negative rating.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the only political figure to enjoy positive polling numbers. 52 percent gave Rice a positive job approval rating, while 41 percent gave a negative rating.

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