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Cindy book-signing a "lonely affair"


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Photos by Associated Press, Reuters show 'Peace Mom' Sheehan waiting for buyers


Posted: November 27, 2005

3:13 p.m. Eastern


© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com


While book-signings for political figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity often feature long lines and people waiting for hours, the scene at Cindy Sheehan's book-signing yesterday near President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch was a much more lonely affair.



Photographers focus on Cindy Sheehan in empty tent

waiting to sign copies of her new book (Associated Press)


Photographs published by wire services including the Associated Press and Reuters depict a lonely "Peace Mom" in a virtually empty tent awaiting those seeking her autograph on her new book, "Not One More Mother's Child."


The Washington Post reported the scene this way: "Sheehan found herself addressing a crowd of only about 100 on Saturday afternoon. The large tent where supporters had erected a stage hung with the banner 'Speak Truth to Power' was only partially full. Earlier, Sheehan signed copies of her new book for an even smaller crowd."


Sheehan's son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq war, and Cindy has been on an anti-war and anti-Bush campaign since the summer months when she began a vigil in Crawford gaining worldwide media attention.



Cindy Sheehan waiting to sign copies of her new

book yesterday in Crawford, Texas (Reuters)


"What if Cindy had a book signing and no one came?" asks one poster in an online messageboard. "Well we know what happened. No one cares about her but the press. Cindy is finished."


"Frankly I'm amazed the DNC/AP allowed these photos to see the light of day," writes another. "Usually their photogs do their (unlevel) best to angle their cameras and crop their pictures to make Mother Sheehan always appear to be at the center of a worshipful swarm. I'm afraid someone is going to be in hot water for letting us glimpse the truth."

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Originally posted by Rhino2K4

:there: Cindy was "lonely" because she represents a MINORITY group in this country.

Yeah we all know how republicans feel about minoritys :whome::whome:


honestly i could care less about cindy sheehan. she has turned the anti-war movement into a way to blow her own horn.

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Guest Sideliner
Originally posted by Rhino2K4



George W. Bush's Secretary of State


(Future First Woman Commander-In-Chief)


Thanks Wikipedia for the pic... ;)


Have you been smoking crack? lol

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Originally posted by Colligula

Yeah we all know how republicans feel about minoritys :whome::whome:


Yeah we all definitely know how Democrats feel about minorities......*cough *cough New Orleans and the Hurricane Katrina fiasco *cough *cough :whistle::whistle:

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