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A Reminder of why we fight. (Warning: This shows the disturbing images from 9/11 that the goverment wants us to forget. )


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After they played that cockpit voice recorder tape Wednesday I had the same reaction.


Once again, Moussoui could have prevented these attacks had he said something. I say we don't give him what he wants (death) and let him go be bubba's cell in a jail somewhere for the rest of his life. Let the prisoners take care of him. They won't be as humane as a needle.

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We must never forget what happened on that tragic day. For a short period of time our country was united and determined to put politics aside protect America. It's pathetic how power hungry liberals and a biased media has politicized the war against these terrorists and dictators like Saddam who harbored terrists. Can you imagine what it would have done to our country if our response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor had been politicized and opposed every step of the way like President Bush's response to 9/11 has been by a disgruntled minority party trying to regain power? :whistle:

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