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I need to clarify what this forum is for:


It's for sharing knowledge, information, stats, scores, coaching changes, history, records, trends, trivia, questions, concerns, and even a rumor or two to be investigated or confirmed.


This forum is "NOT" for personal conversations, and or to use for the sake of adding to your post totals to bump them up.


This site is here to discuss topics of interest...not "hi, who is this" jibberish.


It is NOT a chat room.


Please read the following very carefullly:


If the membership will help clean-up these personal conversation/chat-room style discussions, I'll open the Smoaky.com chatroom for the appropriate members.


As a member reminded me today, we should all be able to enter the forum topics and get straight to the "meat and potatoes"....not dig our way through a bunch of extraneous chat-room discussion.


Also, please try and be more specific on the "titles" of your topic posts.


Thank you for your time, interest, and membership.


I'm only trying to make this a forum that every member or potential member can enjoy...and I hope you appreciate that.



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