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Need Scores Grand Saline Winnsboro Edgewood Como Pickton Quitman Alba Golden Hawkins District 20 2A


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The springs sports are in a different district number. Probably due to the number of schools that play baseball, softball, tennis and golf being different in the smaller A and AA classifications. The different district also changes the district from Region 2 to Region 3. Making regional tournaments in the Tyler area instead of Stephenville for golf and tennis. Baseball and Softball of course do not have tournaments at the regional level like basketball, only at the state tournament in Austin.

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Originally posted by AGPanthers

AG baseball team is not doing well at all! i have been to a couple of games, and it was sad. but they are trying, AG has NO FUNDMENTALS whatsoever in baseball, who has been coaching these boys in the past few years??


Quitman's baseball team looked well-rounded, they certainly whooped AG's butt. quitman is def. a contender. i havent had the chance to see winns or GS but from what i have heard, LOOK OUT EVERYONE!


All I do on here is state facts that I hear and know.....I feel sorry for the poor coach at AG that you all think that I am....but for the record I have no affiliation with AG nor will I ever.....especially after talking with you AGPanthers on here....Unbelievable the character at AG....I love all of East Texas Sports....and I have done so for over 50+ years of my life....So before you start running down someone on here...figure out who they are....Unbelievable....

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Well, I really thought Quitman had a shot this year, but I've got to give the nod to Grand Saline finishing first, Edgewood finishing second, and either Quitman or Winnsboro finishing in the third spot with Hawkins being the X Factor on who stays at home out of those last two.

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