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20AA playoffs


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Originally posted by HITnRUN10

Very good district race down to the finish. Any word on the Quitman - Chisum Series? Edgewood will eith play DeKalb or Mt. Pleasant Chapel Hill. I heard they were tied.


They are tied for 1st. They will play at PJC on Friday to decide 1st and 2nd place.

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Originally posted by funkodemayo

does anybody know what happened to quitman in the como game. apparently the score was 4-2. i thought they were good.


if you have looked at any of the scores in this district they all have been very close... i believe the edgewood and como game was close as well...

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Congratulations to Quitman, Grand Saline and Edgewood, three very good teams and all are capable of representing the district well into the playoffs. The district race turned out to be as exciting as everyone thought it would be and right down to the last day.

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