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Spring Hill 8 Mineola 1


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[your so funny


quote]Originally posted by fatcat255

Originally posted by SH107

all i know is that spring hill's outfield is sick...i havent seen them drop anything all year


the left fielder on my softball team got sick during a game many years ago ... it was not a pretty sight

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We've all been beaten by teams we shouldn't have been beaten by. On any given day in the ballfield, whatever kind of ball you're playing, anything can happen. I've not heard much about SH this season, but I've sure heard a lot about Mineola. I saw Mineola get beat in a tournament game by Van, then I think Van was leading them when a game was called for lightning. I've heard snide remarks about them getting beat by Van, which I think is funny. Keep underestimating Hawk and the Vandals, and you'll get sidewinded. I do know Mineola has a great pitching staff. Also, don't underestimate the Bullard Boys. Strictly observations...

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i know everybody can be beat. But ray martin said that mineola would never lose which means it doesn't matter the circumstance mineola will win no matter who it is against. Like i said Carthage will be hard to beat i have seen both play and Carthage has the upper hand but Mineola has to get past LE first.

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