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All District District 20 2A


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All I know is what the Quitman Players recieved...I do not know about the other teams.


Hayes Peckham- District Defensive MVP

Blaine Shackelford- 1st team pitcher

Colten Peek- 1st team infield

Layne Lisenbe- 1st team infield

Jeff Clark- 1st team designated hitter

Alex Mauldin- 1st team outfield

Dusty Taylor- 2nd team infield

Joey Frosch- 2nd team pitcher

Doug Carden- 2nd team outfield

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They were just released since the bulldogs are now out of the playoffs great run by the way. They are as follows


MVP- Matt Johnson - gs

Defensive MVP- Hayes Peckham - quitman //should have got pitcher of the year.

Offensive Player of the Year - Dillion Weaver - ewood

Pitcher of the Year - Kyle Thompson - gs and don't understand that Peckham was ten times better

Honary MVP - Austin Dixon - ewood

1st team pitcher

Blaine Shackelford - quitman Shane Thompson - winns. Will Hogan - ewood

Newcomer of the Year - Hayden Hawkins - gs

Coach of the Year - gs

Blake Bennett was first team catcher and that is all i know so far

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Thanks for the update. To answer your question as far as why someone should have been voted one thing or another is as follows.

1. Voting goes in order from top award down to honorable mention.

2. You can only win one award.

3. A player can be nominated for more than one award if he has not previously won an award.

4. Coaches nominate their own players.

5. Thus the case of Hayes Peckham. I am sure Peckham was one of the best pitchers in the district this year. I would imaging the defensive MVP award is a more valuable award than Pitcher of the year, especially since it is either the 2nd or 3rd thing that is voted on.


Congratulations to all those to win awards and good luck to these guys wherever the future will lead them.

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Here is Winnsboro's according to the Winnsboro News:

Shayne Thompson - 1st team pitcher

Blake Bennett- 1st team catcher

Jake Hawkins- 1st team infield selection

Chaz Baxter - 1st team outfielder

Cody Madsen- 1st team utility player

Ashton Slaughter- 1st team designated hitter

Jacob Parton - 2ND TEAM shortstop



Congratulations to all that made it.

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