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A Shout out to my SISTER !


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Many people on this board know me and they know about my endless affection for the Daingerfield Tigers... Well when I left it didn't end with me in '98... I've had three siblings after me, and the last one took the field in Daingerfield last night for the last time.. I wanted to publicly state how proud I am of her, cause she has shown endless support for our Tigers her entire life.. Last night was senior night and she stood on that track and marched on that field one more time.. Its a tough thing walking away from a tradition as strong as it is in our hometown..


She was awarded cheerleader of the week last night, and its something she deserved very much... She loves her Tigers, always has always will..


We are all so proud of you Rachie, keep the spirit up, and we'll be there to support ya !!


Rachel is the defintion of a true TIGER = ONCE A TIGER, ALWAYS A TIGER



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