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Bilbo's EITHER/OR game!


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Here's how it works.. each new poster will give an answer to the last question given then ask a new question for the next poster.




Poster #1

BBQ Brisket or BBQ Chicken


Poster #2

BBQ Chicken


Driving in the mud or Driving in the snow?


Poster #3

Driving in the mud


M*A*S*H or Scrubs?



(please turn off your signatures in order to help conserve space)



Here we go.........


Be a ditchdigger for a week or handwash all of the Cowboys laundry for a month?

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HA! HA! I've never been lectured by Cheapy, but I know for a fact I'd never call him an idiot. I did JRowe, along with the request that he never respond to any of my posts. Hmmmm....


I'd rather be lectured by Cheapy. He has common sense.



kill 'em with kindness OR hit 'em over the head with every verbal weapon you have

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kindness (never a bad option)



Better song used for background music of Kenny's "space trip" in last week's episode of South Park (setting aside "Heavy Metal" by Sammy Hagar):


"Radar Rider" by Riggs




"Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)" by Don Felder



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