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1973 Batting Averages on the Low End All Over.

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Cheapy pointed this out to me about Juan Beniquez of the Red Sox Pawtucket AAA International League winning the batting title in 1973 with a batting average of .298.


Sub-.300 batting title winners are rare like 30 game winners and high mounds were once.


In the '73 season in the American League the 5th place finisher in the batting race was Dave May with a .303 BA, followed at number 4 by Bobby Murcer who hit .304 who trailed former NL batting champ Tommy Davis of the Orioles who hit .306 which tied him with George "Boomer" Scott for second. But always these perfect story type scenario finishes are not quite perfect. That was true even in this low batting average year when Hall of Famer to be, Rod Carew led all of baseball with a .350 mark.


Tell Ted Williams to sit out the last day of the season. Like in 1941 when he entered the last day of the season with a batting average of .399554 which would have been rounded up to ".400". The Splinter would have none of that and played the last day and not only played but played in a doubleheader. Of course the rest is well documented in baseball lore as Ted went "6 for 8" in the twinbill and ended up the season at .406.


Ah yes, Ray. Baseball marks the time of our lives with great little morsels like this.

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