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Quitman- interesting


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School board basically fires coach and re-hires as assistant supt. - have not seen that one before. Any front runners, looks like they want to hire quickly, however it is almost May and this offseason is lost and next year will likely suffer due to this late of a year move. Why would they not just let the coach continue next year and make the move afterwards?



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Coaching is in shacks blood he loves to do it. If he didnt you wouldnt see him pacing up and down the sideline the whole game. He loves the kids and he works hard for them. What he wants is to coach and to keep influencing kids lives he cant do that as assistance to superentident. I dont care who they bring in, they wont have as much passion for these kids as shack does. I think this is going to hurt the kids bringing someone in so late and taking their coach they have know for so long away from them and their conforft zone knowing the plays the school didnt take the kids into consideration they just let the school board get their way. How can you fire someone that over 400 people signed a petition to keep him? Im stumped just dont make no sense.

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