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Dereck Rush Talks Conroe Oak Ridge W/Smoaky
Saturday, 21st April 2012 - 6:53PM
Former John Tyler head football coach Dereck Rush spent some time with me one-on-one on Wednesday to discuss his decision to leave for Oak Ridge High School in Conroe.

Dereck Rush on Conroe Oak Ridge

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Please, stop the coaching change MADNESS!
Sunday, 8th April 2012 - 2:21PM
I wish I had the time to write more, but I'm on the road with the NCAA Tournament. But, I just needed to vent a little bit and if you want to respond, my email address is [email protected] or [email protected].

But, this week's events at school district's in Whitehouse and Elysian Fields, and the dozens upon dozens of changes among the AD/Head Football Coaching ranks has become, in my opinion, epidemic.

There will be over 200 changes in Texas High School Football again this off-season, that's nearly 20% of the programs.

And, although there seem to be more changes during a realignment year, the amount of changeover is sickening to me, and the bottom line, is this good for the student-athletes involved in constant turmoil and change?

I'm a former military brat, our family moved every 3-4 years, I went to three high school's in four years, three of those years in Japan, so I know about change, but that was Uncle Sam forcing the issue.

If some of these changes are from coaches being promoted for their success and productivity, well, that's the American Way.

But, how many of these changes are just unnecessary based on personal agenda's from a school board member(s) or just the lack of patience from the administration.

I understand it's about success and win's and losses and the success of the entire athletic department and not just football, but, how much time and money is being wasted on annual coaching searches, when there's not enough money in our school system's anyway?

Please, stop the madness, let the coaches coach, let the administrators run the school system, and if you're one of those parents who forces a coaching change because you're upset with the lack of playing time for your son or daughter, go back to taking care of your own home.

And, aren't the school board members and administrators who hire an AD/Football Coach one year, and decide to make a change the next year creating their own problem?

In that scenario, who should be fired, the person hired, or the people doing the hiring?

Just saying.

David Smoak
King's contract at Elysian Field not renewed past next year
Saturday, 31st March 2012 - 5:48PM confirmed the contract of AD/Football Coach Eric King has not been renewed past the 2012-2013 school year.

King is 12-9 in two years at Elysian Fields High School, and he told, "I will be the head coach here at Elysian Fields for the 2012 season, or until I am told differently by the school board of our district."

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Kettler now official in Crockett
Saturday, 31st March 2012 - 5:48PM
Although the decision to promote Joe Kettler to AD/Head Football Coach was made last week, the veteran assistant coach wouldn't celebrate his opportunity until school board approval.

That approval occurred on Monday night.

Kettler replaces Paul Parsons who is moving on to most likely coach elsewhere.

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McFarlin's contract not extended past 2012 at Whitehouse
Saturday, 31st March 2012 - 5:48PM
I've confirmed Whitehouse ISD informed Randy McFarlin his contract will not be renewed past the 2012-2013 school year.

McFarlin, who would not comment on the story, is 49-41 in eight years at Whitehouse.

Sources told the two sides are still negotiating either a buyout or other issues within the contract.

David Smoak
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WEEK 6: Marshall (3-2), (1-0) Vs. Hallsville (3-2), (0-1)

The official 2022 2AD2 District 11 smack talk thread.

The official 2022 2AD2 District 11 smack talk thread.

Joaquin Rams (3-1) at Garrison Bulldogs (4-1)

Posted 2022-09-25 04:46:57, Post Count: 37
7 hours ago, yourteamstinks said:

I was there and it was ugly..  I thought pre-fight that Joaquin was involved in alot more of it than after. It was getting very chippy early but afterwards I didn't see much from Joaquin other than being very physical between the whistle.  I thought the coaches did a great job of getting everyone to not retaliate even as Shelbyville got dirtier and dirtier throughout the game.  (i.e. pressing down on Joaquin players helmets to get up, sticking fingers in facemasks, cheapshots way away from the ball, etc..)

Just a quick watch of the scoring highlights, you can see glimpses.  (12 yard line at 0:30, and 10 yard line at 1:54).   It went on all game long.

Bottom line is Shelbyville came in off of whipping up on a private school thinking they ruled the world and got physically manhandled all game and didn't like it. But somehow it is all Joaquin's fault to a lot of folks on Facebook.  Thanksfully there are some good folks and fans down there like @Gen7Dragon that could see it both ways.


As for this game, I don't think Garrison will match up either. I think Joaquin is the second best team in this district and its not even close.  On a normal year (one that doesn't involve the potential state champion in our district), I think Joe has a district champion type team and one of the best in the region. Unfortunately, it is that year and Timpson is that good. 







I thought someone said Shelbyville was good? Won a scrimmage  or something like that.Looks like the Rams could have hung 100 on them.

Colmaneel open?


Tom Bean