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NCAA Bracket Madness (Deadline Thursday, 11AM CT)
Thursday, 15th March 2012 - 11:45AM
Register, read the directions, join, and predict the tournament, GOOD LUCK! NCAA Bracket Madness
Bill Poe leaving Spring Hill
Saturday, 10th March 2012 - 5:21PM
Spring Hill AD/Head Football Coach Bill Poe sent me a text this morning confirming he's leaving Spring Hill to become the offensive coordinator for Todd Dodge at Marble Falls.

Poe told his players about the decision during a team meeting this morning.

Poe was 6-14 in two years at Spring Hill.
Keith Cook to resign at Hawkins
Saturday, 10th March 2012 - 5:20PM learned on Friday that Keith Cook will officially resign as AD/Football Coach at Hawkins High School on Monday.

Cook has been the head coach at Hawkins since 2005 with a record of 26-47, and three playoff appearances ('05, '08, '09).

David Smoak
Sabine's Baker will retire
Saturday, 10th March 2012 - 5:20PM
Jerry Baker confirmed to me he will retire as athletic director and head football coach at Sabine High School.

Baker was 7-33 in 4-years at Sabine, and was 18-11-1 as a head coach at Detroit High School.

From my conversation with Coach Baker, I'm not sure he's out of coaching, and perhaps might coach in another state.

David Smoak
Ore City reassigns AD/Football Coach
Friday, 9th March 2012 - 11:22AM
Ore City has reassigned AD/Football Coach Bobby Chadwick within the school system.

Chadwick was 20-21 in four years as the head football coach, including 6-5 in 2011 and the Rebels first playoff appearance since 1995.

David Smoak
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Three Games of Interest for WK5 - Garrett Ross
Wednesday, 21st September 2022 - 7:27AM
It’s hard to believe that we’re already a quarter of the way through the season, but as September begins to wind down the pressure begins to rise. Here are a few games of interest to keep an eye on heading into week four of the Texas high school football season.
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Texas High @ Mount Pleasant

WEEK 6: Marshall (3-2), (1-0) Vs. Hallsville (3-2), (0-1)

Center @ Rusk

Posted 2022-09-24 19:53:16, Post Count: 5

Riders by 14!

Joaquin Rams (3-1) at Garrison Bulldogs (4-1)

Joaquin Rams (3-1) at Garrison Bulldogs (4-1)

Posted 2022-09-25 04:46:57, Post Count: 30
1 hour ago, Lambo said:

Oh no. We're guilty of it too. People say it's always been like this but I can 100% for a fact tell you it wasn't from 2007 to 2010. But I can tell you the exact moment it started back up. Shelbyville made a hire in 2013 and than man came to Shelbyville and almost instantly just pure hatred seemed to manifest itself on everything Dragon related. The man showed his butt on the field after a game was cancelled do to weather and Tenaha wouldn't make it up the next day because they had a students funeral to attend. Right then I personally decided I hated him and if the Lord sent me to the bad place for it I was fine with it and I still am to this day. It just got worse from there I swear on my children that if you watch the 2015 film you see #1 from Joaquin get hit 75% of the plays he was in regardless of when he had handed the ball off. There was a player who's job it was to plant that kid every play and I promise you he was told to do it. The kid would literally hand the ball off and see his teammate get tackled and begin walking to the sideline to get the next play and BOOM he gets ear holed. And it was celebrated by the vast majority of the people in the visiting bleachers. Then as everyone knows that coach ended up doing something that shocked NOBODY and he was gone but the hatred didn't stop. This is just my opinion and I speak for nobody but my self, This is karma and it's well deserved.

I remember all of this and I agree about the coach. 

He was a lunatic and carried things way too far. 

After he caught the assault/family violence charge he had to resign. 

Eventually the charges were dropped and a lot of Sville people wanted him back. To include youth coaches, board members and people from all walks within the community. 

For this I have no words. 

Joaquin Rams (3-1) at Garrison Bulldogs (4-1)

My Week 6 3A DI Rankings