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ESPN Radio-Central Texas Guest Lineup
Tuesday, 13th December 2011 - 9:08PM

3:25pm-Jennifer Floyd-Engel,
4:10pm-Art Briles, Baylor Football Coach (Football Season Only)
4:25pm-Bryan Fischer,
5:25pm-Brad Sham, Voice of the Cowboys (Football Season Only)


3:25pm-Tim MacMahon,
4:10pm-Ian McCaw, Baylor Director of Athletics
4:45pm-T.R. Sullivan, (MLB Season Only)
5:25pm-John McClain, Houston Chronicle


3:40pm-Rusty Nail, Mart Football Coach
3:45pm-Baylor Football Player (TBA)
4:10pm-Central Texas Writer's Roundtable
5:25pm-"Where are they Now?" (Football Season Only)


3:25pm-Mickey Spagnola,
3:45pm-M.C.C. Athletics Segment
4:25pm-Baylor Football Player
5:10pm-Chris Level,
5:15pm-Jason Suchomel,
5:25pm-Jeff Tarpley,
5:30pm-Jeremy Clark,
5:45pm-Josh McCuistion,
5:50pm-Chris Bullajian,


4:10pm-Baylor Asst. Coach (Football Season Only)
4:25pm-Lee Sterling,
5:25pm-Joe Avezzano, Former Cowboys Assistant Coach

Segments with Midway's Terry Gambill and Cameron Yoe's Rick Rhoades will air between 12:00pm-2:00pm during "Bush League" with Jamie Garrett.

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