***Breaking News*** Waskom Forfeits 7-Wins
Wednesday, 7th November 2012 - 3:35PM
Waskom head football coach Whitney Keeling confirms his program will forfeit their seven wins this season due to a birth certificate issue involving a student-athlete.

The District Executive Committee rules a student-athlete could not prove the relationship with a father who is not listed on his birth certificate. The student-athlete has been living with his father since he was four-months old, but the mother, who lives in Shreveport is the only one listed on the birth certificate.

When asked how he was doing, Coach Keeling said, "How do think? It's been tough day, and although there's no doubt in our mind the student-athlete is living with his father, we can't truly prove that on the necessary paperwork required by the U.I.L." Keeling added, "It's very frustrating, and this issue came about when a parent turned in an issue on another eligibility issue, and then we found this issue as well."

Keeling also said Waskom I.S.D. didn't appear to have any appeal available because the birth certificate speaks for itself.

Waskom closes out their regular season against District Champion Hughes Springs this weekend.

Stay tuned...

New District 9-2A, Division II Standings Following Ruling:

Hughes Springs (9-0)(6-0)
Elysian Fields (6-3)(5-1)
Paul Pewitt (4-5)(4-2)
DeKalb (4-5)(4-2)
New Diana (5-4)(3-3)
Linden-Kildare (1-8)(1-5)
Ore City (1-8)(1-5)
Waskom (0-9)(0-6)

Previous District 9-2A, Division II Standings "Before Ruling"

Hughes Springs (9-0)(6-0)
Elysian Fields (6-3)(5-1)
Waskom (7-2)(4-2)
New Diana (5-4)(3-3)
Paul Pewitt (3-6)(3-3)
DeKalb (3-6)(3-3)
Linden-Kildare (0-9)(0-6)
Ore City (0-9)(0-6)

David Smoak

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