Hensley Resigns in Marlin
Friday, 31st May 2013 - 3:59PM
When Tim Hensley took the job as AD/Head Football Coach at Marlin High School a year ago, he told each of his four new assistant coaches, "they would have to be all-in in Marlin, Texas," and a year later, the entire staff has left, including Hensley.

Hensley told David Smoak, "I resigned earlier this month, I just knew it was time, I looked around and my entire staff was gone and they were secure with other opportunities and I was the last man standing and I had to make a decision that was best for my family." Hensley continued, "that's just some of what led me to this decision to resign."

Hensley also mentioned he and his wife, a teacher in the Marlin school district, had decided to put their children in another school district, "the academic standing of the Marlin school district was forcing our kids to fall behind and we just couldn't afford to watch that happen." Hensley also told Smoak three of his four assistant coaches were the highest ranked in science, history and math test scores within the Marlin school district, "I didn't hire football coaches, I hired teachers who coached football."

Hensley was 4-6 in his one season at Marlin, but he told his incoming assistants, "We need to live in Marlin, shop here, go to church here, not act like we care, but seriously be all-in with this community and I knew if we could get the academics and discipline right, the athletic success would take care of itself."

Hensley told Smoak, "I don't have any immediate plans, but I think it's time I gave my wife administrative career a chance to flourish and I'll be the one who follows where she goes, but I do want to remain in coaching."

ESPN-Central Texas and Smoaky.com sent an email to Marlin I.S.D. superintendent Michael Steck on Wednesday night, and await his response.

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