Week 11 East and Central Texas "Player of the Week" Polls
Saturday, 14th November 2020 - 4:03PM
Please vote for the East and Central Texas "Players of the Week" on offense, defense and special teams.

East Texas.

Central Texas.

Voting deadline is Wednesday, 12:00pm.


East Texas:


Gavyn Beane, WR, Caddo Mills, 6-catches for 142-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Wills Point 41-3.

Davarious Clark, RB, Hooks, 8-carries for 206-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Prairiland 61-24.

Asa Dawson, QB/WR, Cushing, 3-catches for 131-yards, 1-TD, 5-carries for 107-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-2XP, W/Colmesneil 60-38. (4th playoff berth in program history).

Keyshun Easterling, RB, Crockett, 9-carries for 163-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Trinity 39-0.

Trayveon Epps, RB, Kilgore, 21-carries for 129-yards, 1-TD, 5-catches for 85-yards, L/Lindale 47-40.

B.B. Evans, WR, Woodville, 4-catches for 109-yards, 2-TD’s, 1-Rushing TD, W/Anahuac 27-22.

Dylan Fluellen, WR, Gilmer, 8-catches for 133-yards, 1-TD, W/Pleasant Grove 31-28.

Cameron Ford, QB, Chapel Hill, 22-37 passing for 416-yards, 4-TD’s, 16-carries for 100-yards, 1-TD, W/Henderson 42-28.

D.J. Freeman, QB, Pine Tree, 5-10 passing for 132-yards, 1-TD, 11-carries for 145-yards, 1-TD, W/Jacksonville 49-42.

Ryan Harris, QB, Beckville, 20-carries for 250-yards, 4-TD’s, 3-7 passing for 45-yards, 1-TD, 1-2XP, W/Frankston 49-21.

Deiontray Hill, RB, Paul Pewitt, 20-carries for 177-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Redwater 44-6.

Tylin Hollins, RB, Tatum, 17-carries for 201-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Sabine 73-17.

Jordan Jenkins, RB, Lindale, 35-carries for 321-yards rushing, 6-TD’s, 3-catches for 17-yards, W/Kilgore 47-40.

Zaylon Jeter, QB, Daingerfield, 219-yard passing, 4-TD’s, W/Paris Chisum 53-27.

Eric Jimenez, RB, Grand Saline, 26-carries for 326-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Arp 34-27.

Keith Kinney, RB, Atlanta, 12-carries for 145-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Jefferson 41-8.

Kendric Malone, QB, Tatum, 12-16 passing for 204-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Sabine 73-17.

Andon Mata, QB, West Rusk, 7-8 passing for 235-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Quitman 62-0.

Dalton McElyea, QB, Kilgore, 18-33 passing for 306-yards, 4-TD’s, L/Lindale 47-40.

Jamarion Miller, RB, Tyler Legacy, 21-carries for 141-yards, 2-TD’s, 3-catches for 69-yards, 1-TD, L/Rockwall 45-40.

Ethan Morgan, RB, Pine Tree, 31-carries for 200-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Jacksonville 49-42.

Kevon Page, WR, Nacogdoches, 6-catches for 172-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Mount Pleasant 25-23.

Dawson Pendergrass, FB, Mineola, 12-carries for 128-yards, 3-TD’s, 1-catch for 4-yards, W/Commerce 49-34.

Trevion Sneed, RB, Mineola, 31-carries for 377-yards, 4-TD’s, 1-catch for 11-yards, W/Commerce 49-34.

Braylon Stewart, RB, Texas High, 25-carries for 265-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Marshall 28-0.

Jax Stovall, QB, Spring Hill, 10-10 passing for 151-yards, 1-TD, 1-Rushing TD, W/North Lamar 54-8.

Brandon Tennison, QB, Gilmer, 18-23 passing for 239-yards, 2-TD’s, 18-carries for 183-yards, 1-TD, W/Pleasant Grove 31-28.

Trevor Theiring, WR, Whitehouse, 10-catches for 137-yards, 1-TD, W/Hallsville 42-6.

Tyler Townley, QB, Caddo Mills, 16-21 passing for 308-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Wills Point 41-3.

Ahstin Watkins, WR, Chapel Hill, 4-catches for 166-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Henderson 42-28.

Trey Wheeler, WR, Scurry-Rosser, 5-catches for 108-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Corsicana Mildred 49-14.

Ryan Wilkerson, QB, Elysian Fields, 13-18 passing for 224-yards, 4-TD’s, 10-carries for 230-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Hughes Springs 49-26.


Angus Aldridge, SS, Caddo Mills, 12-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Wills Point 41-3.

Coy Anderson, Mineola, 11-Tackles, 2-TFL, W/Commerce 49-34.

Zandrick Anderson, LB, Crockett, 14-Tackles, 1-FR, 1-Interception for TD (50), W/Trinity 39-0.

Benjamin Banda, Spring Hill, 4-Tackles, 2 ½-Sacks, W/North Lamar 54-8.

Blake Barlow, Spring Hill, 6-Tackles, 1-Sack, 2-TFL, W/North Lamar 54-8.

Hunter Carter, FS, Caddo Mills, 12-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-PBU, W/Wills Point 41-3.

Eli Caruthers, Kilgore, 15-Tackles, L/Lindale 47-40.

Colton Cobb, White Oak, 21-Tackles, 1-CF, 1-FR, W/New Boston 34-28.

Colton Crawford, DE, Center, 18-Tackles (8-Solo), 5-TFL, 2-Sack, 1-FR for TD (80), W/Rusk 35-18.

Eddie Cross, SS, Nacogdoches, 10-Tackles, W/Mount Pleasant 25-23. Also, on offense threw a 60-yard TD pass to win the game.

Brack Dyer, LB, Chapel Hill, 11-Tackles, 5-TFL, 1-Interception, W/Henderson 42-28.

Trey Fite, Tatum, 12-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 3-TFL, 1-QBP, W/Sabine 73-17.

Jordan Ford, DB, Chapel Hill, 4-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-PBU, 1-Interception for TD, W/Henderson 42-28.

Bo Hammons, Beckville, 20-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Frankston 49-21.

Ryan Harris, Beckville, 10-Tackles, 2-TFL, 2-Sacks, W/Frankston 49-21.

Kendall Hays, Harmony, 5-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-Interception, W/Winona

Thomas Hooten, Mineola, 12-Tackles, 2-PBU, W/Commerce 49-34.

Jackson Illingworth, LB, Elysian Fields, 11-Tackles, 4-Sacks, 2-TFL, 2-QBP, 1-CF, W/Hughes Springs 49-26.

Eric Jiminez, SS, Grand Saline, 6-Tackles, 1-Interception, 1-PBU, W/Arp 34-27.

Jacques Jones, LB, Tyler High, 6-Tackles (4-Solo), 1-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-PBU, W/West Mesquite 10-3.

Dee Lewis, LB, Daingerfield, 20-Tackles, 3-CF, 3-FR, W/Paris Chisum 53-27.

Kip Lewis, Carthage, 11-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Blocked Punt, W/Shepherd 49-0.

Deonta Lloyd, Paul Pewitt, 7-Tackles, 1-PBU, 1-CF, 1-TFL, W/Redwater 44-6.

Tanor Mines, Paul Pewitt, 10-Tackles, 1-Interception, 2-TFL, W/Redwater 44-6.

Max Richardson, LB, Chapel Hill, 7-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Henderson 42-28.

Diego Smith, Waskom, 10-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-FR, W/New Diana 54-0.

Trevion Sneed, Mineola, 15-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-CF, 1-FR, 2-QBP, W/Commerce 49-34.

Ryan Stastid, Ore City, 8-Tackles, 2-Inteceptions, L/Alto 22-12.

Trevor Tamplin, Longview, 8-Tackles, 1-Sack, 2-TFL, L/Highland Park 18-13.

Trey Wheeler, MLB, Scurry-Rosser, 14-Tackles, W/Corsicana Mildred 44-14.

Special Teams:

Chris Baldazo, K, Kilgore, 5-5 XP’s, 1-FG (32), L/Lindale 47-40.

Christian Brown, P, Kilgore, 9-punts for 41.2-average (L-51), 3-Inside 20, L/Chapel Hill 42-28.

Davarious Clark, PR, Hooks, 63-yard PR for TD, W/Prairiland 61-24.

B.B. Evans, KR, Woodville, 64-yard KR for TD, W/Anahuac 27-22.

Jose Hernandez, K, Gilmer, 4-4 XP’s, 1-FG (19) with :00 to win the game and district title, W/Pleasant Grove 31-28.

Kendell Howard, K/P, Tyler High, 1-1 XP, 1-FG, 1-punt for 30.0, W/West Mesquite 10-3.

Tyler Jones, P, Chapel Hill, 4-punts for 39.0-average, 1-Inside 20, W/Henderson 42-28.

Dee Lewis, K/P, Daingerfield, 2-Punts for 45.5-average, 1-Inside 20, 1-Touchback, 1-KO pinned inside opponents 10, W/Paris Chisum 53-27.

Dawson Pendergrass, P, Mineola, 3-punts for 39.3-average, 2-Inside 20, W/Commerce 49-34.


Central Texas:


Monaray Baldwin, WR, Shoemaker, 5-catches for 138-yards, 2-TD’s, 2-carries for 32-yards, W/Bryan 42-30.

Davin Barrow, QB, Oglesby, 28-carries for 332-yards, 7-TD’s, 3-4 passing for 78-yards, W/Dime Box 88-71.

Ty Bell, QB, Shoemaker, 11-17 passing for 216-yards, 3-TD’s, 10-carries for 40-yards, 1-TD, W/Bryan 42-30.

Jake Boozer, QB, Reicher, 14-22 passing for 260-yards, 3-TD’s, 13-carries for 73-yards, 1-TD, W/Brazos Christian 45-42.

Carson Brizendine, WR, Gatesville, 5-catches for 129-yards, 1-TD, W/Pecos 46-37.

Devin Brown, RB, Shoemaker, 14-carries for 123-yards, 1-TD, W/Bryan 42-30.

Jerry Cephus, QB, Academy, 5-TD passes, W/Troy 42-21.

Cristian Clark, RB, Mexia, 8-carries for 130-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Canton 21-13.

KaCharo Cook, RB, Milford, 12-carries for 123-yards, 1-TD, 1-catch for 42-yards, 1-TD, W/Covington 60-28.

Eli Cummings, RB, Reicher, 23-carries for 135-yards, 1-TD, 4-catches for 130-yards, 1-TD, L/Brazos Christian 45-42.

Trapper Ensor, QB, Bruceville-Eddy, 135-yards passing, 2-TD’s, 85-yards rushing, 1-TD, W/Rosebud-Lott 26-25.

Tydreun Felder, QB, University, 13-24 passing for 192-yards, 2-TD’s, 26-carries for 162-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Joshua 48-42.

Josh Gaddy, RB, Parkview Christian Academy, 7-carries for 142-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Arlington St. Paul’s Prep 60-14.

Nemier Herod, RB, Teague, 15-carries for 185-yards, 2-TD’s, 3-catches for 27-yards, W/Fairfield 28-21.

Samari Howard, RB, Temple, 124-yards rushing, 2-TD’s, W/Ellison 39-15.

Jett Huff, QB, College Station, 22-29 passing for 232-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Lufkin 45-21.

Trey Janek, RB, West, 21-carries for 205-yards, 2-TD’s, 2-catches for 43-yards, W/Maypearl 27-14.

Dane Jentsch, QB, Grandview, 12-19 passing for 242-yards, 5-TD’s, W/Dallas Madison 52-17.

C.J. Lanehart, QB, Parkview Christian Academy, 12-carries for 170-yards, 5-TD’s, 41-yards passing, 1-TD, W/Arlington St. Paul’s Prep 60-14.

Mathew Lara, RB, Milford, 13-carries for 153-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Covington 60-28.

Gavin Leftwich, RB, Grandview, 17-carries for 246-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Dallas Madison 52-17.

Chad Lorenz, RB, McGregor, 28-carries for 270-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Caldwell 49-41.

Kollin Mraz, WR, Academy, 7-catches for 109-yards, 5-TD’s, 1-2XP Passing, W/Troy 42-21.

Luke Mullins, QB, Gatesville, 14-16 passing for 342-yards, 3-TD’s, 6-catches for 38-yards, 1-TD, W/Pecos 46-37.

Mike Murray, WR, Lampasas, 4-catches for 154-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Fredericksburg 56-20.

Ara Rauls III, QB, La Vega, 9-10 passing for 270-yards, 4-TD’s, W/Brownwood 62-6.

Ben Smedshammer, QB, Lorena, 12-16 passing for 229-yards passing, 1-TD, 19-carries for 80-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Rockdale 49-42.

Keshon Thomas, TB, A&M Consolidated, 14-carries for 203-yards, 3-TD’s, 1-catch for 7-yards, W/Montgomery Lake Creek 42-28.

Olgario Vasquez, RB, Chilton, 8-carries for 114-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Wortham 44-14.

Ace Whitehead, QB, Lampasas, 8-13 passing for 174-yards, 3-TD’s, 9-carries for 87-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Fredericksburg 56-20.

Dustin Wilson, RB, Axtell, 17-carries for 228-yards, 3-TD’s, W/Cayuga 48-38.

Jayme Wooley, RB, Axtell, 12-carries for 149-yards, 2-TD’s, W/Cayuga 48-38.


Davin Barrow, Oglesby, 11-Tackles, W/Dime Box 88-71.

Zach Bates, LB, Gatesville, 27-Tackles (18-Solo), W/Pecos 46-37.

Case Brister, LB, Lampasas, 18-Tackles, 1-TFL, 3-QBP, W/Fredericksburg 56-20.

Hunter Carter, DT, Bruceville-Eddy, 7-Tackles, 3-TFL, W/Rosebud-Lott 26-25.

KaCharo Cook, LB, Milford, 10-Tackles, 1-Interception for TD (42), 1-FR, W/Covington 60-28.

Ja’Brian Davis, DB, Chilton, 8-Tackles, 4-Interceptions for 132-yards, W/Wortham 44-14.

Denim Day, CB, College Station, 1-Tackle, 1-Interception (25), 3-PBU, W/Lufkin 45-21.

Cam Fouts, LB, Bruceville-Eddy, 15-Tackles, 4-TFL, 1-CF, W/Rosebud-Lott 26-25.

Michael Hare, NG, Bosqueville, 4-Tackles, 1-Interception for TD (41), W/ Hamilton 49-14.

Trey Holdman, S, Mexia, 12-Tackles, 1-TFL, W/Canton 21-13.

Mathew Lara, Milford, 14-Tackles, 1-Interception, W/Covington 60-28.

Hayden Mooney, S, Gatesville, 20-Tackles (14-Solo), W/Pecos 46-37.

Lawson Mooney, OLB, Gatesville, 9-Tackles, 1-PBU, 1-CF, 1-Blocked Punt, W/Pecos 46-37.

Cason Pitts, DE, Lorena, 6-Tackles, 4-TFL, 2-Sacks, W/Rockdale 49-42.

Harrison Robinson, LB, College Station, 11-Tackles, 1-Interception, 3-PBU, W/Lufkin 45-21.

Caleb Skow, DL, College Station, 13-Tackles, 1-TFL, 1-Sack, W/Lufkin 45-21.

Jaxson Slanker, LB, College Station, 13-Tackles, 1-TFL, 2-QBP, W/Lufkin 45-21.

Jayme Wooley, LB, Axtell, 15-Tackles, W/Cayuga 48-38.

Special Teams:

Case Brister, KR, Lampasas, 90-yard KR for TD, W/Fredericksburg 56-20.

Nico Bulhof, K/P, Bryan, 2-2 XP’s, 1-FG (41), vs. Shoemaker.

Jordan Davis, PR, Axtell, 69-yard PR for TD, W/Cayuga 48-38.

Aaron Wagaman, K, Temple, 5-5 XP’s, 1-FG (32), W/Ellison 39-15.

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