2023 H.S. Football Officiating (Read This)
Monday, 14th August 2023 - 5:26AM

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I can solve this problem in a heartbeat. Coaches quit bing a jerk to officials ESPECIALLY in sub varsity games you are lucky to have officials. School Administrators start kicking jerk parents and fans out of games. Second time they offend ban them from schools. That silliness will stop overnight. UIL bump Minimum pay for sub vqarsity games to $100 / game. PLUS mileage. Bump MINIMUM pay for Varsity games to $200 PLUS mileage. And do NOT for one second tell me schools cannot afford this. I was a coach and teacher for thirty years. Every school I ever worked at threw away more money in a week than officials cost.

Schools if you want to ensure your kids have officials make Officials WANT to come to your school by paying them in cash THAT night. If your Admin says "we can't do that" (and they can btw its just a little extra work for them god forbid people in Admin have to do that) get booster club to pay them that night. AND Feed them......WELL not a Concession Stand Hotdog either! If your Admin is too inept to pay them in cash AD;s do what it takes to make sure these guys are not waiting for their check for two and three months. And yes this is standard operating procedure for most schools. I've even seen AD'S put officials checks in their desks for weeks to "pay back" officials that they feel did not do a good job.

Trust me, officials talk to each other about schools that do a good job of taking care of them and which schools make it REALLY hard to go there. Guess which schools usually have officials and which do not.

When you have a shortage of workers it is because of two things. Pay is not high enough and / or the work conditions stink. Eco 101. It is amazing that schools just throw up their hands at the drop of the hat and say "there is nothing we can do" that is BS.

Example: 6 Man schools have the hardest time getting officials. Many are having to play sub varsity and Varsity on the same night to address this. I know a place that has Officials FIGHTING to go call games there. Strawn, Texas. They pay in cash AND the HC feeds the Officials no matter what the sport after the games. At Mary's. He has an open tab there for officials. Take a hint.

Schools and the UIL better pull their head out of their fourth point of contact. If the current trend holds you will be having coaches call sub varsity games. And your Varsity Schedules will be getting rearragned around when the officials can show up.

To sum up show these folks some respect.
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