2A-Division I Grapeland

Coaching Staff Information

Updated for 2021
Basic Info
School Name    : Grapeland
Head Football Coach    : Jordan Wood
Office phone number    :
Cell phone number    : 9366476670
Work e-mail address    : [email protected]
Head Coach Twitter Name    : Jhw62
Stadium Changes    :
Previous Season Summary
Wins    : 6
Losses    : 5
Returning Lettermen    : 12
Returning Off. Starters    : 4
Returning Def. Starters    : 4
Team Info
School website    :
Team website    :
Team twitter    :
Offensive Coordinator    : Dederick Dixon
Offensive Coordinator e-mail address    : [email protected]
Defensive Coordinator    : Blake Doughty
Defensive Coordinator e-mail address    : [email protected]
Offensive Formation    : Spread
Defensive Formation    : 3-4
Background Information
2021 College Prospects

Include position, height,
weight, & 40 time.
: Cadarian Wiley
Lekerina Smith
Jason DeCluette
What do you expect to be your team's biggest strength this season?    : Speed
What do you see as your team's biggest concern this season?    : Consistency
List all previous head coaching & assistant coaching experience.    : Detroit 1 year 4-7
Daingerfield 4 years OC
Woodville 2 years OC
L-K 1 year
List any state titles you've been a part of as a head coach, assistant coach, or player in any sport.    :
High School    : Shepherd
College/University    : Southern Arkansas
What has been your most exciting moment or game in your coaching career?    : Beating Newton in 2019
Are your football games broadcast on the radio?    :
I am always looking for a great human interest or unique story, please share that information with me.    :
What is the biggest challenge facing Texas High School Football right now?    :

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